Beyond mere ‘hunter-gatherers’ and proto ‘farmers’ – First Peoples living realities. #darkemu debate

The debate over the claims made by Bruce Pascoe in his book “Dark Emu” regarding First Peoples as ‘farmers’ rather than ‘hunter-gatherers’ have recently come up for serious criticism by one of Australia’s most experienced anthropologist, Peter Sutton, in a book with Keryn Walshe.

Neither categories are adequate to represent the high levels of life achieved by First Peoples in this country.

It is not a matter of either/or but of going beyond ‘modern’ fantasy structures of First Peoples living realities! We need to do this in the 21st century.

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Bruce Reyburn

1 July 2021

Further resources:

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Also works by Stuart Rintoul, Tim Rowse, Mark McKenna, Ghassan Hage. Google search by adding ‘dark emu’ should find them.


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