Some useful Arrarnta/Arrernte resources

Self-exercise 1.

Locate Arrernte language on this AIATSIS map:

Arrernte is also spelt Arrarnta (for Western Arrernte); and formerly,  Aranda and Arunta. Linguists say it is definitely Arr…. (double r) and not Ar…

Note the two different contemporary spellings of ‘Arrarnta’ and ‘Arrernte’. That is because there are two competing orthographies – the former (which is easier for English speakers to recognise) is said (Strehlow Research Centre) to be preferred by Western Arrarnta people themselves (so i am told) and the latter is preferred by linguists as it is more accurate (but less easy for  English speakers to recognise).

Read one account of this at:

The Institute for Aboriginal Development (IAD) IAD Press in Alice Springs/Mparntwe has really good language (and other) resources, but some are often out of stock. See Their website mentions their Apple app but I could not find it?

Here’s two useful dictionaries for Western Arrarnta. 

WAPD compress.jpg

Self-Exercise 2. Have a look at the notes from inside the Western Arrarnta Picture Dictionary regarding the cover picture and compare the Arrarnta – English translation. Name some plants? Marna means ‘food, vegetables and fruit.’

cover notes WAPD compress.jpg

IDWA compressed.jpg

These apps in Apple Store are well worth a look and a good place to start:

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